How to keep a New Years Resolution.

Every year when the 1st of January rings in the New Year ahead of us, we start to think ‘what will this year have in store for me’ or ‘what will I accomplish this year’. We are all guilty of making New Years resolutions. It is great feeling to start a new year with a goal in mind, to complete a marathon, to lose weight, to change jobs or to start Pilates. But why is it that so many of us give up on these goals within six months. Avoid being that person, no matter what your resolution, to get fit, save money, loose weight, these tips will help you achieve your goal for the New Year.

Be Specific

Creating a long list of vague goals is only going to set you up for failure. When making a goal you need to be specific and realistic about it, you need to feel that you can actually achieve it. Let’s say your goal is to get fit, you then need to create an action plan. How are you going to get fit ? Pilates twice a week followed by a bootcamp class, or hiring a personal trainer, you need to find something you enjoy doing. You also need to create time out of your day to allow yourself to be active, look at all the factors involved in getting fit. Let’s say in six months time, you want to be fitter and loose weight, well how much weight do you want to loose ? How fit do you want to be ? Write it all down, create a plan and make it visible for yourself, don’t just hide it away in a journal or on your phone. Identify the changes you need to make to help you get there, create mini goals along the way for you to achieve. By making a strategic plan at the beginning of the year, and putting it on your desk or some where at home for you to see, will help you to achieve your goal and become focused on it.

Tell someone

You have made a goal, now make it public. Tell a close friend or your family, let people know about what you want to achieve this year. By making your goal public, you are creating yourself a network of support. So when you find yourself wavering or need some encouragement, you will find the support you need. Another good idea is to get a friend involved. If you both want to loose weight and get fit, then do it together. Having someone to take the journey with is always more enjoyable and you will have each other for motivation.

Create good behaviours

Don’t rely on willpower to help you change. Instead, build in healthy behaviours into your daily routine that are compatible with your goal. For instance, walking to work instead of taking the car, or finding healthy snacks that you enjoy. Every time you substitute a bad behaviour for a good one you will increase your confidence in your ability to make a change.


Lastly you need to track your progress. Self monitor the changes you have made and how well you are doing. This will help keep you on track and also make you feel good about all the things you have achieved. The road to a goal is a lot shorter when you can see your progress along the way.

So now that you have all the tips and tricks, go back and re-assess your goals and set out your plan. Make 2016 the year you achieve your goals 🙂

Roisin McKenna, Pilates Physique