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FREE Intro Reformer
FREE trial introductory class for those new to Pilates and wanting to try group classes for the first time. Introduction to Reformer classes conducted on the traditional Pilates reformer using spring loaded resistance. First time customers only.

Reformer 1
A full body workout using spring loaded resistance conducted on the Pilates Reformer. Tones arms, legs and abdominals and improves posture and flexibility. Lengthens and strengthens muscles without building bulk. Adjustable springs allow for all levels of ability.
Suitable for new Pilates participants. Introduction to Reformer classes.

Reformer 2
Conducted on the Pilates reformer using spring loaded resistance. A full body workout involving more complex repertoire and sequencing. Improves coordination, balance, posture and flexibility and tones arms, legs glutes and abdominals.
Progression from Reformer 1.

Reformer 3
Advanced full body workout conducted on the Pilates reformer using spring loaded resistance. Suitable for advanced Pilates participants with a thorough understanding of Pilates principles and correct technique. Progression from Reformer 2.

Balletlates Barre
Plié your way to a stronger, leaner, longer body! Combining traditional Ballet Barre work and Pilates with weights and small apparatus, Balletlates barre classes  are an hour of cardio and full body sculpting. High energy, low impact exercises lengthen and strengthen your muscles as you burn fat. Strong abdominal, glute and leg workout.

Power Plate® Circuit (P.P Circuit)
A full body workout combining the Power Plate®, Reformer, Tower Cadillac and small apparatus all in one session. Tones the entire body and assists with weight loss due to increased metabolism. Strong workout with a cardiovascular element.
Read more about Power Plate ®

Tower Cadillac
Adds another level of challenge using Tower equipment providing spring tension to create powerful, resilient muscles. Strengthens and tones arms, legs, inner thighs, glutes and abdominals. Voted one of the top ten workouts in New York City.
Strong workout, suitable for clients with Pilates experience.

Cardio Pilates
High powered, full body workout combining Pilates with Cardio conducted on the reformer using a special jumpboard attachment. Elevates the heart rate and burns calories encouraging weight loss while toning the entire body. Strong athletic workout burning up to 350 calories per hour! Not suitable for those with hip, knee, ankle or back restrictions.

Power Pilates
Suitable for intermediate or advanced level clients, Power Pilates is a combination of traditional Reformer Pilates and weight and circuit training techniques. Classes are faster paced and more intense and are set to up-tempo music, delivering cardiovascular benefits as well as core strength and increased fat burning. Burns calories and sculpts your body – fast!!!

Matwork Burn
A full body workout combining matwork with magic circles, rollers, thera-bands, free weights and/or free form boards. A strong abdominal, gluts and inner thigh workout which combines traditional matwork with resistance. Great for matwork fans who want to take it to the next level and feel the burn….

Power Plate® Plus (P.P. Plus)
A combination of Power Plate®, circuit training and Pilates matwork. A strong, full body workout in circuit format which keeps you moving providing cardiovascular and fat burning benefits.

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